This is an action plan, in two parts, with concrete steps and benchmarks, for white people who are sincerely interested in dismantling white supremacy and don’t know what to do.

Part 1 is for people who are new to anti-racism work. It will start with ways of examining our own attitudes around whiteness, and move on to explore ways of improving our interactions with others.

Part 2 is for people who have already done the internal work and are looking for concrete ways of taking action to dismantle systemic white supremacy.

But first, a word about inspiration. 





We must start by acknowledging that this work will be hard, and that it will bring up some painful emotions. Even the words “white people” can be challenging, and can make us feel defensive, as though we have done something wrong by being white. Doing anti-racism work requires courage and determination. But doing this work is not only possible; it is absolutely necessary if we wish to live in a just society that honors and dignifies all people.

Many of us understand that white supremacy is a serious social problem that mainly impacts global majority people (more on that phrase later). But what many white people don’t understand is that white supremacy – which values white people over other people – hurts white people too. We are trapped in a prison of our own ignorance, and white supremacy separates us from our own humanity as people. We have everything to gain by dismantling it.

Finally, we are not alone in doing this work. One Thousand Arms supports white people who are ready and willing to take on the task of working to dismantle white supremacy, and we will be presenting a series of free, optional on-going workshops for people engaged in this work. Feel free to reach out to us at any time here if you have questions or find yourself struggling.

Now, let’s get to work!



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